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Mettler Toledo - bRite Advanced - Ticket Printing Scales
[Mettler Toledo - bRite Advanced - Ticket Printing Scales]

bRite Standard is a stylish, portable retail scale suited to a range of retail environments such as open markets, (seasonal) mobile business or smaller specialty shops. Its robust yet lightweight construction, including a high quality stainless steel plate, makes it perfect for these kinds of environment where food hygiene, portability and sturdiness are prerequisites.
bRite Advanced

Features and Benefits

bRite Advanced Fast Operation
bRite's innovative keyboard technology delivers advanced weighing and signal processing for extremely fast operation. The keysheet layers can be exchanged for optimum hygiene and cost efficiency.
bRite Advanced Direct Control
Four display lines – including an extra line highlighting preset tares – are clear and easy to read in all conditions. The backlight can be switched on or off and to save power, the scale automatically goes into the sleep mode when not in use.
bRite Advanced Connectivity
bRite Advanced line can be connected to an external printer or an electronic cash register. Printing tickets and reports in five languages are standard features of bRite Advanced.
bRite Advanced Clever Mobile Business
For complete mobility, the scale can be powered by both rechargeable NiMH batteries or standard size D commercial batteries at the flip of a switch.
With built-in cable storage, the work area is kept tidy, transportation is simple and the risk of mislaying the power cable is eliminated.

Technical data
bRite Advanced
 Price Computing Scale

Reliable Performance
Mettler-Toledo's long-term experience in engineering precise weighing instruments ensures fast customer transactions and long-lasting performance. bRite stands for user friendly functionality and operation. The high quality of the load cell ensures longterm reliability whilst the high speed stabilization means fast signal processing and therefore fast price calculation.
Robust and Mobile
The bRite Advanced line is constructed from stamped parts with a sturdy frame plus a large, robust stainless steel weighing plate for easy weighing of larger items. The stainless steel is of high quality making it water resistant and easy to keep hygienic, vital for food safety. For even higher protection, covers are available for both the scale and PLU. The option of rechargeable NiMH or standard size D commercial batteries delivers full mobility for fast business anytime, anywhere.
Modern Design - Handy and Stable
  • Available either as check weighing, compact or tower version, this scale is an artwork that brings in line a slim silhouette design with a trapezoidal platform shape, an ergonomic keyboard structure and optimal placed display angles to grant best readability.
  • Two ergonomic grips on the lower side of the scale combined with its light net weight make it extremely easy to transport while bRite's adjustable non-slip rubber feet make levelling simple and ensure that the scale does not move around whilst in use.

Specifications - bRite Advanced

Performance Basic
Model Options bRite Advanced Compact versions: 6 kg/2 g (single range), 15 kg/5 g (single range), 6/15 kg/2/5 g (dual range), bRite Advanced Tower version: 6/15 kg/2/5 g (dual range), bRite Weigh Only version: 6/15 kg/2/5 g (dual range)
Display LCD with backlight; 6-digit unit price, 7-digit total price, 4-digit preset tare
Key 32 light touch keys
Number of preset keys 16 keys, every key can store 2 PLU
Stainless Steel Pan 240 x 337 mm (trapezoid)
PLU Quantity 100
Power supply Power adapter: 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz Battery: 6 NiMH or D-Cell batteries
Gross Weight / Net Weight Tower version: Gross weight: 5.54 kg/ Net weight: 3.73 kg, Compact/Weigh Only version: Gross weight: 5.23 kg/ Netweight: 3.42 kg
Shipping Box (LxWxH) 480mm x 465mm x 180mm
Working Environment Temperature:-10°C~+40°C; Humidity: 85%RH, non-condensation
Storage Environment Temperature:-25°C~+50&deC; Humidity: 85%RH, non-condensation
Weighing Function Zero, Tare, 100g*, Change*, Hold*, Euro*, 1/2lb*, 1/4lb*, kg/lb*
Communication RS232/USB
Accessories NiMH rechargeable battery (6pcs), Plastic cover for pan, Plastic cover for housing, Deep plate, External printer, Ticket roll, External printer cable, RS232 POS connector, USB POS connector

*Not available in all countries.

Outline Dimensions

bRite Advanced

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