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Gofrugal - Web Orders
[Gofrugal - Web Orders]

RayMedi Web Sales Order Tool, a web based tool which is designed to work with RayMedi DE product line is a boon for both distributors and retailers to increase their productivity, save time and reduce costs. The multi-purpose, online utility tool provides the following functionalities :
  • an interface for Online sale order entry – field representatives of a distributor and his customer – the retailer himself can place order directly through the web based tool
  • an interface for importing the purchase invoice of the suppliers – the distributor can directly import the purchase invoice of his suppliers to his business management application (RayMedi DE), thus eliminating considerable time required for the data entry
  • an interface for delivering channel inventory data – company representatives of the product suppliers (to the distributor) can view their product and demographic data remotely
  • an interface for remote viewing reports – the owner or the management team of the distributor firm can view the various reports available in their business management application (RayMedi DE) remotely
Distributor's business Benefits

  • Increase productivity : 1 salesman can manage more retailers and more business
  • Lower reverse logistics cost : Increased order accuracy lowers sales return and the cost associated with processing returns and credit notes
  • Measure and improve service levels : Capture all orders from customer accurately to plan your purchases and inventory investment. Measure order lost accurately
  • Reduce Fraud : As customer places order directly, order placed for one customer and delivery to another customer problem is eliminated
  • Eliminate collection leakage : Due to real-time information on payment made by retailer, risk with collection leakage or delay is eliminated
  • Improved service levels & customer satisfaction : Orders can be taken 24x7. Immediate information on availability increases customer satisfaction
  • Healthy relationship with retailer : Due to complete transparency and accuracy in maintaining the transaction history and accounts of the retailer

RayMedi Web Orders

Retailer business Benefits
Scenarios Software used at Retail Software used at Distribution
Complete Automation Scenario RayMedi Retail Solution + RayMedi NetTrade RayMedi Distribution Edition
Partial Automation Scenario RayMedi Retail Solution RayMedi Distribution Edition
Order Process Scenario Non-RayMedi Software RayMedi Distribution Edition

  1. Retailer not using RayMedi Business Management Solution
    • Place orders at your convenience, during your lean business hours
    • Save money, effort & time: Generate PO in your software and upload it electronically - provide one time upload of your product code to your supplier
    • Be assured of delivery : Know stock availability & get assured on delivery
    • Get ready for goods receipt by doing purchase data entry in your free time : Download electronic copy of invoice in PDF/excel format and enter them in the system
    • Transparent relationship with supplier : Review your order, outstanding, status of credit note etc. in the portal
  2. Retailer using RayMedi Retail Business Management Solution without RayMedi NetTrade
    In addition to the above benefits, the following additional benefits are there
    • Reorder Automation : Easy generation of PO & sending it to supplier. As simple as Click, Review & Send
    • Save cost by importing invoices and eliminate data entry & increase data accuracy : Download electronic copy and get your retail software vendor to support importing of the electronic invoice
  3. Retailer using RayMedi Retail Business Management Solution along with RayMedi NetTrade
    In addition to the above benefits, the following additional benefits are there
    • Automate all business processes with supplier to increase focus on business and analysis
    • Healthy relationship with supplier : Automatic notification while making payments to supplier and electronic acknowledgement of payment made from supplier. Both systems are in sync lowering discussions, argument etc. with supplier

All the above in one single tool with features like
  • Seamless integration with your business management application (RayMedi DE)
  • Complete security
  • Configurable access levels – both role based and user based
  • Flexible hosting options
  • Flexible pricing options
makes the RayMedi Web Sales Order tool an indispensable product which every distributor should have. With reducing margins and increased costs, RayMedi Web Sales Order tool can make all the difference in increasing your sales and reducing the costs with little investment, thus directly impacting your bottom-line

Company Representatives Login Facilities & Benefits
  • Getting Stock and sales from anywhere and anytime
  • To get the Area wise and Pin code wise sales
  • More secure and can able to view the statement by reps for their Specific companies alone
  • To get a daily stock position and movement for the analysis instantly
  • Easy Access from anywhere
  • Reduces Travel and Manual works

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