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  Home --> Hardware --> Touch Systems (All-in-one) --> Posiflex - KS-6215N- Plus - All-in-one Touch Systems
Posiflex - KS-6215N- Plus - All-in-one Touch Systems
[Posiflex - KS-6215N- Plus - All-in-one Touch Systems]

Posiflex launches the fan-free KS-6200 series as a silent POS terminal. The KS-6200 series takes pride in its streamlined and patented aluminum die casting design, resistive (Or IR) touch screen as well as UPS functions. The built-in UPS function is embedded on main board developed by Posiflex for better stability than others. The KS-6200 series supports VIA C7 1.5 GHz CPU and 15" LCD in a small footprint. The KS-6200 series also supports versatile peripheral options such as MSR, built-in CF memory card reader, and a wide range of connectivity to meet numerous applications.
The KS-6200 series is suitable for small and medium retailers to serve customers efficiently.

Key Features
  • Resistive or IR touch screen : 15" LCD 1024 x 768 resolution
  • Spill-resistant design to prevent careless spill and provide clean easily for a wide range of applications
  • Equipped with the efficient VIA C7 1.5 GHz CPU to lower energy cost
  • Fan-free design boasting quiet and anti-dust features
  • Patented aluminum die casting design for efficient cooling
  • UPS (Embedded on board developed by Posiflex) to avoid sudden loss of power during transaction
  • Patented finger lever "Gear Lock" to adjust the LCD tilt angle from 15°to 70° vertically
  • Push-open cover to protect power switch from accidental shutdown
  • User-friendly mechanism for system upgrade and easy maintenance
  • LCD panel brightness control by hardware wheel or software
  • Bottom cable guide design and cover for safety and neat outlook
  • Shinny diamond black, red or white front bezel for stunning look
  • Generation 6 super slim base stand (Optional)



Specification KS-6215N - Plus
Processor VIA C7 1.5 GHz
System Memory DDR2 400/533 MHz, SO-DIMM x 1, default 1 GB
Storage Device 2.5" SATA HDD or CF Kit (optional) or SSD Kit (optional)
Power Supply 12V DC power adaptor, 80W
Audio Built-in 2W speaker
OS support Windows XP Pro / WEPOS / POSReady / Linux / WinCE
LCD 15" TFT LCD, 1024x768 resolution
Touch Function Resistive, 5-wire, USB Interface, optional IR touch
Brightness Control Hardware VR Control or Software control N/A
Tilt Adjustment From 15° to 70°
LAN Port 10 / 100 Mb
Parallel Port Yes
Serial Port DB9x2, with 5V/12V support on COM1 / COM2
PS/2 Keyboard N/A
UPS Port N/A
Standard USB Port 4
Proprietary USB Port 1 for side mounted option
VGA Port D-SUB 15 Pin, with 12V power for Posiflex LCD Monitor
CR Port 1, Control 2 CR
Physical Dimension
Dimension (W x D x H in mm) 378 X 308 X 359
Weight (N. W. in kg) 9.1
Operation Condition 0°C - 40°C, 20%RH - 90%RH
Storage Condition (-20°C) - 70°C, 10%RH - 90%RH
PD-306 / PD-306U 2 x 20 LCD, default 200 mm pole
PD-309 / PD-309U 2 x 20 LCD, default 200 mm pole
PD-310 / PD-310U 2 x 20 LCD, rear top mount
PD-2602 / PD-2602U 2 x 20 VFD, default 200 mm pole
PD-2604 / PD-2604U 2 x 20 VFD, rear top mount
PD-2605 / PD-2605U 2 x 20 VFD, default 200 mm pole
PD-76x2 240 x 64 dot Graphics LCD, 200 mm pole
PD-76X4 240 x 64 dot Graphics LCD, 200 mm pole
PD-305 2 x 20 LCD, rear top mount
SSD N/A 8 GB minimum
CF Kit N/A backet and cable
CF Card N/A Type I Only
MSR SD-400/SD-400Z, 2 or 3 tracks and JIS-II(optional) or Finger print sensor(optional), SD-600, iBotton or 2 or 3 tracks and JIS-II (optional), SD-700, barcode card reader or 2 or 3 tracks and JIS-II (optional), SD-800, 2 or 3 tracks and JIS-II(optional) or RFID (optional) or WiFi (Optional)
UPS Battery N/A
2nd LCD Display 12" LM-6101B, 15" LM-6501B / LM-8015B
2nd HDD Yes
KP-300W 36 Key plus lock keypad or MSR (optional) or Card reader (optional)

For further information call us on 040-65248220 or email us on sales@gopalsystems.com

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