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RayMedi - mGIN - Mobile Solution
[RayMedi - mGIN - Mobile Solution]

The challenges faced in goods receipt are - ordered product is different from that product received, ordered price is different from the price received, ordered quantity is different from actual quantity received etc. These problems lead to pending issues with suppliers and delay in settlement to the suppliers resulting in unproductive time spent and strained supplier relationship.

RayMedi GIN application can be loaded with PO details that can be compared to track the actual stock received. It will give discrepancy report for purchase order quantity compared with actual received quantity. RayMedi GIN application will help in tracking EAN code changes that may happen as manufacturer changes MRP, packing or promotions.

RayMedi GIN application helps in goods receiving in mobile device directly without purchase order details that can be uploaded in purchase or receipt note to generate discrepancy this application supports multi packing for example unit level, case level and pallet level barcode scanning.


RayMedi mGIN application functional overview
  • Works with RayMedi POS and RayMedi DE software store server in Online & Offline mode.
  • Actual goods received are scanned or manually entered in mobile device. It is imported in purchase or receipt note where as in online mode mobile device is directly connected with stores database for updates.
  • Optionally PO can be downloaded so that verification of GIN with PO is done while receiving the goods itself.

  • Purchase entry will be much easier and faster with this application.
  • EAN code changes can be tracked at time of GIN process.
  • Supplied product and received product validation.
  • Shows discrepancy between actual stock received and purchase order given.

  • RayMedi mGIN can be deployed on any Windows CE mobile device. The same application can be ported to other languages depending on the Mobile device chosen by the Customer for deployment.

  • RayMedi mGIN Application helps to Improve efficiency, accuracy and Reduce data entry errors in physical stock intake.

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