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BIXOLON - SPP-R200 - Samsung Mobile Printer
[BIXOLON - SPP-R200 - Samsung Mobile Printer]

BIXOLON Samsung Mobile Printer SPP-R200, a small and lightweight mobile receipt printer. A prudent choice for any mobile receipt printing application where you need fast, on-demand printing with speeds up to 80mm per second (3.15inches/sec). SPP-R200 also utilizes a long-life Lithium-ion battery with a 6.2 hour continuous operation life (stand-by : 14 hours, approx. 10 ø40mm rolls per battery charge). The magnetic card reader integrated into the printer allows credit cards to be processed immediately at the point of transaction, increasing customers' sense of security since the credit card does not leave their sight.Which brings user convenience & functionality to any mobile receipt printing applications such as :

  • Mobile POS
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Parking Citations
  • Deliveries
  • Onboard Transportation
  • Field Repairs / Installation
  • Warehouse / Logistics
  • Utility billing / Meter Reading

Intuitive wireless capability, long battery life and handheld size that wears perfectly on a belt strap or leather case, the Compact yet Rugged, BIXOLON Samsung Mobile Printer SPP-R200 fully satisfies the anytime and anywhere demands of today's mobile commerce.

All you need in one package!

  • An AC adapter(Charger) with the power code
  • A long lasting Lithium-lon battery
  • Portable device, Belt Strap, suited for outdoor usage
  • A roll of receipt paper (Thermal) to get started printing right away
  • A quick-reference guide sheet
  • An installation CD including the drivers, all software programs, test samples and the user's guide book

Main Features for the SPP-R200
  • Rugged Design and Small Size

    Uniquely designed for harsh outdoor environments, and handheld size the SPP-R200 is ideal for printing delivery receipts and invoices on the go.

    1. Rugged Design
      • Damage-resistance to multiple drops of up to 1.2 meters (4 feet)
      • Damage-resistance material for printer housing
      • Rubber over-molding to prevent from damage to weak points of the printer
    2. Small and lightweight design
      • 79.5mm (W) x 126.7mm (L) x 43.6mm (H) (3.1" x 5.0" x 1.7")
      • 0.65lbs (293g) including paper roll, battery

  • Fast Printing Speed

    To speed up customer transactions without sacrificing performance, the SPP-R200 prints texts and graphics at a consistent speed of 80mm per second. Reduced data processing time has been achieved by utilizing a more powerful CPU; increases in performance have been made by upgrading mechanical components and optimizing software.

    • CPU : 32 bit
    • RAM : 64 Mbit (SDRAM)
    • Flash Memory : 16 Mbit (NV Image: 256KByte)
    • Buffer : 128 KByte
  • Long lasting Lithium-ion Battery

    SPP-R200 utilizes a long-life lithium-ion battery with a 6.2 hours operation life(approx. 10 ø40mm rolls per battery charge, Stand-by : 14 hours)of 203 dpi (8dots/mm) thermal printing on a single charger.

    • Lithium-lon battery(7.4V 1,200mAh)
      1. Operation hours: 6.2 hours (approx. 10 ø40mm of rolls printing/charge)
      2. Standby hours: 14 hours
    • Battery status indicator
      1. (Low battery alarm support)
      2. 4 step battery indicator and connectivity status

    • Smart battery management

      (Monitors battery for longer life and performance)

      1. Sleep or Auto Power OFF Mode
      2. Sleep or Auto Power OFF time set by
      3. Virtual Memory Switch Manager

  • Margnetic Strip Reader (MSR)

    The Magnetic card reader integrated into the printer allows credit cards to be processed immediately at the point of transaction, increasing the customers' sense of security since the credit card does not leave their sight.

    1. One touch open (Patent applied)
    2. All track conditions supported by VMSM
    3. Single track (1st or 2nd or 3rd) or Dual track(1st/2nd track or 2nd/3rd track)

  • Customer Oriented Software Tools

    The SPP-R200 is supported by a rich pool of utility software. The Firmware download tool, NV image tool and Virtual Memory Switch Manager (VMSM) are available with more software being added in the future.These new customer oriented utilities enable the users to directly access logo download, code page selection, firmware download and the other printer settings more easily and with no Hardware setting changes.

    • NV Image Manager
      • For Logo download(Update available)
    • Firmware Manager for printer & Bluetooth interface
      • For firmware download (Update available)
    • Virtual Memory Switch Manager (VMSM) to desired settings
      • User-defined fonts type and size
      • Auto Power Off Time(0 ~ 90 minutes)
      • Default code page
      • Printing Density(Value range:80 ~ 130%)
      • Auto Power Saving Time(10 ~ 255 seconds)
      • Printing Speed(50mm/sec, 80mm/sec)
      • Authentication Encryption
      • Beeps for Roll Paper End
      • Bluetooth connection Mode
      • MSR Trigger
      • PIN Code and Printer Name(Max value is 12 digit or alphabet)

  • Other value-added features
    • Various Interface Communication & Interface Capabilities

      • Serial (RS-232C), USB
      • Bluetooth with high communication speed (115,200 bps)

    • Intuitive LEDs

    • One touch cover open & Easy paper loading

    • Portable device suited for outdoor usage
      • Belt Strap (Default)
      • Leather Case (Optional)
    • 20 code pages included in the standard firmware
      • (no update necessary, to be set by VMSM)
    • 203 dpi printing model available
    • WinCE 4.2, WinCE 5.0
      • (Customized Driver Supported)


  • Rugged design and Small size
    1. Damage-resistance to multiple drops of up to 1.2 meters (4 feet)
    2. Rubber over-molding
  • Faster printing speed up to 80mm/sec(3.15 inch/sec)
  • Long lasting Lithium-ion battery (7.4V, 1200mAh)
    1. Operation : 6.2 hours(approx. 10 ø40mm rolls per battery charge)
    2. Stand-by : 14 hours
  • Customer oriented software tools
    1. Firmware download ( with cable or without cable)
    2. Bluetooth firmware download support
    3. Font download (Virtual Memory Switch Managr)
    4. NV Image tool (Logo download)
  • Easy-to-use
    1. One touch cover open and easy paper loading
    2. 4 step battery indicator and connectivity status

Cigar Lighter Charger   
Spare Battery   
Leather Case   
Serial/USB Interface Cable   


Print method : Direct thermal
Print speed : 80 mm/sec
Resolution : 203 dpi ( 8 dots/mm)
Paper supply method : Easy paper loading
Character size : Font A : 12 x 24 , Font B : 9 X 24
Character per line : Font A : 32, Font B : 42
Character sets : Alphanumeric character : 95
Extended graphic : 128 x 20 pages (included in the standard firmware)
International character : 32
Barcodes 1D : Codabar, ITF, UPC A, UPC B, CODE 39, CODE 93, Code 128, EAN 8, EAN
13, EAN 18,
2D : QR Code, Maxi Code, PDF417, Data Matrix
Drivers : WinCE 4.2, WinCE 5.0 (Customized Driver Supported)
Sensor : Paper end sensor, Rear cover open switch
Cutter type : Manual cutter
Paper Roll
Paper type : Thermal paper
Width : 58 ± 0.5 mm (2.28” ±0.2”)
Diameter : Max. ø40 mm (1.57”)
TPH : 50 km
Battery : 500 cycles rechargeable
Connectivity Interface : Serial/USB, Bluetooth
Battery charger
Input : Voltage - 100 ~ 250 VAC / Current - 1.0A (Max. at 110VA)
Output : Voltage - 8.4 VDC / Current - 0.8A
Type : Lithium-lon
Output : Voltage - 7.4 VDC / Capacity - 1200 mAh
Dimension Printer : 79.5 mm x 126.7 mm x 43.6 mm (3.1" x 5.0" x 1.7")
Printer : 184g (0.41lbs)
Printer+battery : 236g (0.52lbs)
Printer+battery+paper roll : 293g (0.65lbs)
Shipping : Approximately 680g (1.5lbs)
Default (Included in box) : Battery, Battery Charger, Belt Strap, Installation CD, Roll Paper
Optional : Spare Battery, Battery Cradle,Cigar Lighter Charger, Leather Case, Serial/USB Interface Cable

For further information call us on 040-65248220 or email us on sales@gopalsystems.com

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