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Executive ID Card
[Executice ID Card]

We are able to offer Corporate Identity Cards for corporate sector, which help to highlight the company's information. The fastest growing uses of identity cards is in the offices. We see identity cards on employees in the service industry – nametags for restaurant servers and workers at retail shops & grocery stores. Most of the large and small companies are also catching onto this concept and making identity cards for their employees and offices. These Idcards in the workplace can bring many benefits for management as well as for workers. In large companies especially, having a visible identity card with a photo, name, department and position can help employees in different areas of a company to know each other and encourage professional relations and familiarity in the work environment.

We can improve Office Efficiency with these IdCards,almost every office executive has in common is the time sheet for getting their paycheck. An employee Access their card upon entering and leaving, during lunches and breaks , these type of data capture also makes analysis of timekeeping records much easier. One more benefit with these idcards is to maintain security in a number of ways - through Visible identity badges - Access control

Access control systems use special softwares and ID card readers with employee idcards to restrict access to a building / area. These types valuable for businesses like banks and law firms which require a higher level security. These can be implemented in several ways. All visitors and staff come in through a central area like reception area, where cards are read and identity verified.Independent access controls established at entrances- usually doors with identity card readers nearby.

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