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Thermal Paper Rolls
[Thermal Paper Rolls]

We supply Thermal Paper Rolls for your printer.

Thermal paper is paper that is impregnated with a chemical that changes color when exposed to heat. It is used in thermal printers ,for example,ATM terminals used in Bank and particularly in lightweight devices such as cash registers, credit card terminals and even in adding machines.
The surface of the paper is impregnated with a solid-state mixture of a dye and a suitable matrix; a combination of a fluoran leuco dye, octadecylphosphonic acids as an example. When the matrix is heated above its melting point, the dye reacts with the acid, shifts to its colored form, and the changed form is then conserved in metastable state when the matrix solidifies back quickly enough.

Typically the coating will turn black when heated. But coatings that turn blue are sometimes used.

Colored Thermal Paper Roll

The thermal side and back side of the thermal paper can be pre printed with text,logo and even full color printing as an Advertise

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