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Gofrugal - 01 Retail Point Of Sale ( POS ) Software
[Gofrugal - 01 Retail POS Software]

Retail industry is growing at fastest rate with increased number of challenges faced by retail. It has become increasingly difficult to adapt to changing business scenarios for retailers who are always looking for new ways to increase profitability. Frauds, including vendor frauds, thefts, shoplifting and inaccuracy in supervision and administration are the challenges that are difficult to handle. Although the challenges of retail are unique, they can be addressed with the right technology that identifies the problems and offers a holistic solution.
RayMedi Retail POS is used by more than 10,000 Customers across India in 45 different retail segments RayMedi retail solutions are comprehensive retail business management solutions for Point Of Sales which helps in overcoming above challenges. RayMedi Retail POS includes trading, Inventory management, Accounts and Business intelligence for retailers who want to compete and thrive in the current challenging environment. Point of sales is designed with easy, intuitive and user friendly GUI. RayMedi Retail POS software is the most secure retail business management solution in the market today. RayMedi Solution guide enables the identification of the actual deployment architecture required by client. At RayMedi we regularly are in process to add new features and provide upgrades for our products to our Point of sale users. RayMedi provides complete secured and enhanced Point Of Sales ( POS ) solutions.

Supported Point of Sales Business

Departmental stores, Grocery Shops, Supermarkets, Hypermart, Textile, Readymade Garments, Footwear's, White Goods, Household appliances and consumer electronics, Gift shop, Glass and crockery, Hardware- Electrical / Electronics / Auto parts / Building materials, Stationary, Liquor Shops, Music Shops, Boutiques, Software For F&B Industry, Fine Dining Restaurant, Food Court, Fast Food, Quick Service & Home Delivery outlets, Auto Spare Parts, Luggages and bags, Mobile Showrooms, Optical Showrooms, etc.

Key Business Benefits Of Point Of Sale Software ( POS )

RayMedi Retail POS is used by more than 10,000 Customers across India in 45 different retail segments. RayMedi Retail POS Software is the best product to grow your retail business - Irrespective of service, quality or price that differentiates your business.
  • Improved Customer Service and Satisfaction
    RayMedi Retail POS software manages loyalty correctly, Customer purchase history is available at a click of button, various promotions and offers can be managed, SMS can be sent to Customers for various happenings in retail store, etc. RayMedi Retail POS software has many features that leads to effective and better Customer management to drive repeat business from them.
  • Higher Operational Efficiency
    RayMedi Retail POS business automation software solution can help in establishing and enforcing operational processes, monitoring and measuring the adherence to processes, analyzing and continuously improving the process and practices for better results. Also help establishing the right controls for effective enforcement.
  • Efficient Return Management
    Reduction in fraudulent returns. It is estimated that retail stores lose about 0.5% of sales due to fraudulent returns. Managing returns in a systematic and authorized manner efficiently eliminates loss due to returns.
  • Analyze your competition and strategies to win against them.
  • Increase your revenue per square feet.
  • Lower operating cost
  • Profile your Customers, build Customer loyalty and drive repeat purchases.
  • Get accurate information to take critical business decisions.
  • Configure to suit your business process, policies and operating procedures.
Key Functional Benefits Of Point Of Sale Software ( POS )
  • Easy and flexible to operate
  • Delivery Tracking and Wastage Management
  • Flexible and comprehensive inventory classification to suit POS business needs. Such inventory classification can be specific to each department.
  • Optimize your inventory management- Match supply and demand with the most cost effective way.
  • Accurate business closing with very little manual work help you minimize the time it takes after the last sale to close business for the day. Gives peace of mind and reduced hassles in retail store operations.
Why Choose RayMedi for POS (Point Of Sale) Software?
  1. RayMedi Retail POS is highly robust and secure to prevent pilferage and fraud.
  2. Suitable for managing COCO [Company Owned, Company Operated], COFO [Company Owned Franchise Operated], FOCO [Franchise Owned Company Operated] and FOFO [Franchise Owned Franchise Operated] stores.
  3. You can mix and match the stores as per the ownership, business arrangement and operational requirements including partnership arrangements.
  4. Ease of use and simplicity reduces the training time and the robustness minimizes the inadvertent errors made by POS operators. This is one of the biggest benefits of RayMedi Point of Sale.
  5. Accurate recording of all inventory transactions lead to better inventory management and increases service levels by preventing lost sales opportunities to retailers.
  6. Support for multi location stores with all different types of multi retail store formats know as supply chain management.
  7. 100% audit of all operations. Audit log helps in investigating operational issues including security lapse and helps you take necessary steps to prevent them in future.
RayMedi Retail Solutions Overview

RayMedi Retail Solutions meet the demanding needs of small, independent retailer to a large, multi-location retail chain. RayMedi Retail Solutions offer the choice of deployment on various hardware and IT infrastructure. You can choose the right technology and benefits in terms of the capital / operational expense, operational, security & maintenance and support needs.

For further information call us on 040-65248220 or email us on sales@gopalsystems.com

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