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Mettler Toledo - b Twin - H2 Hanging - Ticket Printing Scales
[Mettler Toledo - b Twin - H2 Hanging - Ticket Printing Scales]

Streamline your operations and eliminate duplicate systems with the new bTwin scale. This economical and compact all-in-one scale features built in ECR and printer functions. Improve your food business management today.

Humidity, solar radiation and further harsh environmental conditions require an intelligent scale housing: You ask for water and sun protection, easy cabling and mobile business throughout the day. bTwin-H2 is the hanging scale that supports these individual business needs.

It stands for ergonomic design, robustness, easy maintenance and fast printing and helps you to save counter space while complementing the decor of your work environment. bTwin-H2 is a user-friendly and customizable high performance scale but still easy to use.

Features and Benefits
  • Flexible and detailed reports — Improve your business management
  • Integrated Scale, ECR, and Printer — Saves counter space
  • Programmable keys and reports — Better and faster transactions
  • Rechargeable battery — Do business wherever you want
  • PC software available — Easy data management
  • Connectable to cash drawer, scanner, PC, and Network

Efficient Cabling and Upgrades
  • Housing especially designed for wet environmentwater drains off outside the scale
  • Roof nicely covers all cables, plugs and interfaces
  • Easy cable positioning- cabling below the roof, inside the pipe
  • Rubber-joint for additional water-protection of the inside
Ergonomic Keyboard Design
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Convenient tactile feeling
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to individualize and exchange PLU card
Superior Communication
  • Support communication between scales and with PC
  • Floating vendor function: Serve your customers on all scales simultaneously
  • Two RS 232 ports
  • Ethernet connection: up to 10 scales can be connected in a network
  • Multiple reports
  • Easy PLU management and price updates
  • Wi-Fi(optional)
Easy Front Paper Load and Fast Printing
  • Quick paper changing, transparent printer window
  • Clear and fast printing with 50mm/sec
  • Multiple report printing-be organized, improve efficiency of data management
  • Logo on the ticket-support promotional activities
Advertising Space
Magnetic backside-communication platform for additional customer information:
  • Promote special offers
  • Pin receipts
  • Design scale with fancy pictures
  • Complement the looks of your work environment
Mobile Business
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • Easy battery exchange
  • Mobile usage-Use scale far from any power supply or where you have unstable electricity

Specifications - bTwin Hanging

Capacity 12kg , 15kg , 30kg
Readability 2g , 5g , 10g

Adjustable backlit LCD customer and user display
Weight display: 6 digits
Price per kg display: 6 digits
Price to pay display: 7 digits
12 alphanumeric characters
Display Indicators Tare, Battery Status, PLU, Fix Price, 100g Facility, Network Status, Large Sale
Keyboard 50 keys with 30 preset keys and the possibility to preset 60 PLU, resists humidity
PLU memory 1000
Pan Size (L x W x H) 385mm x 275mm x 50mm
Scale Dimensions (L x W x D) 469mm x 290mm x 162 mm
Net Weight 10kg
Power 100~240V, 50Hz; Internal rechargeable sealed lead acid battery
Operating Temperature -10 ° C to 40 ° C; Humidity: 85%
Features Direct price entry, user friendly PLU editing and price changes, PLU library, automatic and manual tare settings, discount promotions by hour and date, 8 active vendors, ticket printing, reporting, networking with floating vendor, Ethernet connectivity, PC software, 3 safety password settings
Multiple Reports Print total sales reports, PLU reports, group reports, vendor reports, daily and weekly reports, etc.
Printing Customized ticket designs with logo, greeting messages and vendor names on ticket, fast ticket-printing with 65mm / sec
Interface 2 x RS232 , Ethernet , Wi-Fi (optional)
PC Software Easy data management-easy data entry, easy backup

For further information call us on 040-65248220 or email us on sales@gopalsystems.com

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