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GoFrugal - RayMedi TRAC Accounting Software
[GoFrugal - RayMedi TRAC]

Accounts is the system of recording, verifying, and reporting of the value of assets, liabilities, income, and expenses in the books of account. Accounting is necessary for every organization to keep track of cash inflow and outflow. Accounting is a system that provides quantitative information about finances of a organization. Accurate maintenance and prompt analysis of the financial data is very essential to keep track of the incomes and expenses, so that the allocated budgets would be spent appropriately this can be achieved by having good business accounting software. Selection of good accounting software is very essential for any business to grow.
RayMedi TRAC is Comprehensive Business Accounting Management Software which maintains your books of accounts, balances, cheque book, prints cheques, handles accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank transactions, etc, in a efficient way. It is a trade and Financial accounting package. It is ideally suited for small and medium business. RayMedi TRAC is fast,flexible,accurate,intuitive to learn and easy to use.RayMedi accounting software license is completely free for it's users,anyone can download the software and start using it. Some of the features included in RayMedi business accounting software are Trail balance, Balance sheets, Ledgers, Profit and Loss account, Fund flow and cash flow statements, General reports, ledger maintenance, Cheque management, user designable voucher and Cheque printouts, etc. RayMedi accounting software come integrated with all RayMedi Point of Saleproducts.

Key Business Benefits of Accounting Software

  • RayMedi offers the best business accounting software product in the industry which is enhanced regularly. It is very easy to use and maintain.
  • Comprehensive
    RayMedi accounts software provides comprehensive and flexible reportsthat can be drilled down for more details. Outstanding and payables can be seen by just a click of button. Comprehensive management of Vendor Invoices, Payments, Terms and more. Integrated with Bank Reconciliation and General Ledger.
  • Higher Operational Efficiency
    RayMedi business accounting software is a business automation software solution that can help in establishing and enforcing operational processes, monitoring and measuring the adherence to processes, analyzing and continuously improving the process and practices for better results. It also helps in establishing the right controls for effective enforcement.
  • Powerful
    Support single entry as well as double entry system of accounting
    Multi-Company Accounting
    Multiple Financial Years
    Automatic Ledger Carrying to successive financial years
  • Flexible
    • Flexible Date Format
    • Flexible Financial Year Beginning Date
    • Flexible Voucher Series System
    • Flexible Voucher Numbering System
    • User-definable Optional Fields in Masters & Vouchers
    • Unlimited level of Grouping of Accounts & Items
    • Voucher entry while viewing reports
    • Printing in Draft Mode
    • Flexible Ledger maintenance
    • Outstanding Maintenance

Key Functional Benefits of Accounting software
  • Easy and flexible to operate
  • Keep track of daily, monthly and annual accounts.
  • Be organized and ready for easy auditing
  • Keep track of performance data about your business
  • Take print of outstanding balance at anytime on just a click of button
  • Keeping track of all type of expenses and receipts
  • Accounting software screens are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive so users can add and update information quickly. Many customizable options are available.
  • Free updates by download
  • Easy to use Bank Reconciliation features
  • Easy backup and restore
  • Highly informative account register
  • Robust and Low Maintenance
  • Works in any currency and in multiple currency environments

Why chose RayMedi for Accounting Software?
  1. RayMedi accounts software is highly robust and secure to prevent Pilferage and fraud.
  2. Ease of use and simplicity reduces the training time and the robustness minimizes the errors.
  3. 100% audit of all operations. Audit log help investigate issues to learn about the operational issue including security lapse and help you take steps to prevent them in future.
  4. Help in keeping track of all expenses and receipts
  5. Branch accounting

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