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Caller ID - Whozz Calling? Lite 4 & 8
[Caller ID - Whozz Calling? Lite 4 & 8]

Inbound Multi-Line Caller ID Hardware

Use Caller ID with your computer to instantly access customer records, speed customer service, verify order taking, automatically route calls, capture after hours callers, and easily build mailing lists. The Whozz Calling? Lite captures Caller ID date, time, name, and number along with distinctive ring pattern and send this to a PC via RS232 serial interface. As with all other CallerID.com products, the device is compatible with any multiline phone system. First ring suppression is also available in order to always capture Caller ID before the phone is answered. Individual 4 and 8 line units chain together to handle up to 96 phone lines into a single computer serial port.

Avaliable in Serial Port and Ethernet Link models.
callid Pop-up customer records on screen before answering each call. This allows a few moments to review the client's information before responding.
callid Build your prospect database. Software available to "quick fill" new records with Caller ID names and phone numbers.
callid Call back customers that hang up during busy times. The units logs all calls whether answered or not.
callid Save time taking orders by popping up customer records automatically, especially in Caller ID enabled POS systems. Save precious seconds during peak hours.
callid Track advertising effectiveness. Place ads with distinctive ring numbers. Unit will report which number was dialed.

Hardware Features

callid Inbound Data indicates Line Number, Caller ID Time & Date, Name & Number, and Distinctive Ring Type.
callid First Ring Suppression prevents calls from being answered before Caller ID is delivered.
callid Caller ID data captured on all lines, all the time. Individual microprocessors on each channel handle data on all lines simultaneously.
callid Units can be chained together to monitor up to 96 phone lines through one serial port.
callid Options are easily selectable with external dip switches.
callid Diagnostic LED's for power, data delivery, ring signal, and Caller ID signal
callid Simple modular connections, wall mount transformer, small and lightweight. No other Caller ID device or modem required.
callid Product includes power supply, 6' RS232 serial cable, mounting bracket, serial port loopback connector, and manual.
callid Many general business and industry specific software programs to choose from ( see below )

Programmer Features

callid Simple text output ( Data Format ) allows easy interfacing to custom applications and direct access through a communications terminal.
callid Calls records are sent as fixed, left justified, space delimited fields and terminated with carriage return & line feeds for simple string reads and field extractions.
callid Two alternate formats to match TCI (or Bek-Tel) and Comdial Key Switches.
callid Comprehensive manual designed with the programmer in mind.
callid Free technical and programming support for the life of the unit.
callid Free Visual Basic application with source code available for Windows applications.

Specifications and Dimensions:
  • Physical Dimensions: 2"H x 8.1"W x 6.25"D
  • Shipping Dimensions: 3.25" x 13" x 9.5"
  • Shipping Weight: 4lbs. (1.8 kg)
  • External Power Supply: Output 9VDC Unregulated
    • Standard Power Supply Input: 120V, 350mA
    • Optional Power Supply Input: 220V, 350mA
    • Current Draw: (WC Lite 4) < 200mA, (WC Lite 8) < 240mA
  • Phone Connections: Modular RJ14 (4 Wire)
  • Computer Connection (Serial): 6' RS232 Cable
  • Computer Connection (Ethernet): 6' CAT5e Cable
  • Ringer Equivalence (REN): 0.1B
  • UL, SA and FCC approved

General Business and Home use Software

IdentaFone "Multi-line CallerID"
Ascendis Software
Summit "Caller ID Tracker"
Stealth Software "Talking CallerID"

Industry Specific Software

Please call and we can suggest the software that may be best suited for your application.

Users Guide and Programming Manual in PDF format

Whozz Calling? Lite 4/8 Manual(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Free Programming Tools

Whozz Calling? "Listener" and Source Code.

Data Format

All CallerID.com serial and Ethernet devices conform to the same format. The simple, fixed field, space delimited, text output data stream is shown in the Data Format .

How it Works

Whozz Calling? Lite units can be used with any multi-line telephone system as long as the main phone lines coming into the building are analog.Incoming phone lines plug into the unit and a serial or Ethernet cable connects it to a PC. Modular input and output jacks are provided so that all connections are a snap. The unit connects the same way even if a digital system, KSU, or PBX is present. If more convenient, units can even be connected in parallel with incoming phone lines.


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