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Gofrugal - Head Quarter Supply Chain Management Software
[Gofrugal - Head Quarter Supply Chain Management Software]

RayMedi HQ supply chain is designed to manage your chain of shops more easily. RayMedi HQ is a web-based, easy-to-use software which gives you more control in managing your chain of shops. It works seamlessly with your individual shops data (RayMedi RPOS/RE/DE data) and gives you a consolidated and centralized way of managing your chain better.
Supply Chain Management (SCM) - Deployment Architecture
RayMedi Supply Chain Management(SCM) Deployment Architecture

RayMedi supply chain management gives you the Real-time business status at HQ from about every point of sale. From the head office, you can monitor sales & inventory position at each one of your store. The Supply Chain Management software helps you in consolidating the data from your various branches into one system and do an integrated analysis of sales, inventory and purchase. RayMedi HQ supply chain primarily focuses on managing your branch wise sales, purchase, inventory, receivables and profits. It helps you in controlling expenses, decreasing costs and increasing your profits.
Supply Chain Management(SCM) - Solution Architecture
RayMedi Supply Chain Management(SCM) Solution Architecture
The key business benefits and the features of the supply chain management product are detailed below.

  • Lower your Inventory Investment :Consolidated view of inventory including the need at each point of sale facilitates optimum inventory at each point of sale. Also ensures that stock can be transferred to the point of sale at short notice. This lowers investment & increases the return
  • Increase your ROI :Identify non-moving stock across the chain, transfer them to where they are selling and/or return them. Also, identify and return non-moving stock at purchase value to avoid any loss on non-moving stock return. Such effective stock transfers coupled with purchase returns increase the ROI.
  • Lower your Pilferage :Continuous stock audit based on ABC classification of items instead of periodic full stock verification helps you identify mismatch between physical stock & system stock early. Such continuous stock audit help lower pilferage.
  • Best Purchase :As you pool your requirements, the volume of purchase goes up. This allows you better negotiating leverage. Combining this with the analysis of your sales, purchase and inventory data, allows you source products from the cheapest and best.
  • Lower Operating Cost :Optimal utilization of man power, optimal utilization of store space, effective inventory management etc. leads to lower operating costs
  • Centralized Financial Control :As your business moves to a model of depositing the entire receipts/collections with the HQ supply chain and all payments are made from HQ, you get better financial control over your business.
  • Fraud Prevention :Real-time / Periodic upload of point of sale data to the HQ prevents any tampering with data at the point of sale. This builds better awareness among point of sale staff and prevent fraud
  • Prevent poor practices from becoming bad habits :Audit trail help HQ supply chain management know the activities done at the point of sale and identify the poor practices such as stock updation, temporary stock addition etc. Corrective action for such poor practices can be taken by training the personnel at the point of sale. This helps in making sure poor practices do not become bad habits
  • Item Normalization :This helps in providing a standardized, complete and accurate data across the item master files of both the retailer and wholesaler. Item normalization helps to analyze the data more accurately and provide high quality reports.
  • Supports any type of chain outlets :Supports dependent [no local purchase], independent [local purchase allowed] and franchise [configurable level of independence] business models
  • Web based platform :Access your business information from anywhere.
  • Secure:https connection. All data sent over a secure, encrypted connection.
  • Comprehensive Authorization, Authentication and Access Control :Every user can view only the data they are authorized to view i.e. an area manager for Delhi can only view data for Delhi.
  • All POS data are consolidated at the head office. Data synchronized for all operations
    • Facility to upload all transaction data from point of sale such as sales, purchase, stock transfer and accounts transactions etc., into the head office.
    • add, modify and delete based on security settings done
    • Automatic periodic upload of data based on configuration settings
  • Access configuration can be horizontal [access to all data for one / collection of retail stores] or vertical [access to only sales or inventory or purchase data for all stores] or a combination of both
  • Configurable reports settings :Show/hide columns and reorder column position etc.
  • Comprehensive report features :
    • All reports can be taken one outlet at a time or for a group of outlets or for all outlets
    • Report on status of data upload from every outlet: Fine grained report giving details on data receipt & data upload status
    • Complete audit report on every operation done at the outlet
    • Report export to excel/PDF/html documents
  • Business Intelligence Reports- business health and business intelligence reports - includes Top 200 Sales Report,Top 200 Transaction Report,Top 200 Profit Report, Move Inventory, Business Velocity, P Vs R, Payable details, Receivable details, GMROII Report etc.
  • Inventory Control, Purchase and Sales reports- supply chain inventory, sales and purchase reports. Reports includes Sales, Purchase, Sales Return, Purchase Return, Item List, Distributor List, Manufacturer List, Expiry Alert, Short Expiry, Non Moving Items and Stock Hold Reports. Graphs/Charts are available for Sales Reports, Purchase Reports, Payables Vs Receivables, Business Velocity etc.
  • Send notice to all staff in all outlets [like corporate notice board]
  • Send message / memo to specific outlet(s), specific staff
  • Financial Accounting- centralized financial control - can see the data both outlet wise and as a consolidated view. Contains Day Book, Cash Book, Bank Book, Ledger, Statistics, Group Ledger List, Registers like Bills Pending Register, Purchase Register, Sales Register, Debit Note Register,Credit Note Register, Journal Register etc.
  • Audit Viewer- supply chain management helps in workforce activity monitoring, outlet staff management and staff schedule management.

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