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Gofrugal - NetTrade
[Gofrugal - NetTrade]

RayMedi NetTrade software is a complete business process automation tool that enables secure electronic trade and data interchange among trade partners, customers and peer groups. RayMedi NetTrade facilitates easy uploading of all transactions such as purchase, sales, FA etc., without any data entry and associated manual errors. RayMedi NetTrade frees you up from mundane operation details and allows you to manage your business better. It allows to you to do efficient purchases, have good Customer relationship management and improve your ROI.

RayMedi NetTrade Architecture

Available in the following Editions,

RayMedi NetTrade is the ideal software to manage secure electronic trade and data transactions.
Business Benefits
Billing based on retailer PO - elimination of data entry leads to increased billing efficiency..
Advance Ship Notification - Retailers know what will be delivered..
Reduces operating costs considerably..
Streamlined Business Processes : Since information is available in real-time, Customer response is increased, and you have the ability to respond to the market fluctuations almost instantaneously.
Better Planning on Delivery : Due to instant order taking, delivery can be planned better to reduce operating costs which results in cost effective shipment of goods.
Effective Inventory Management :
  • Transition from Buy-Hold-Sell to Sell-Source-Ship
  • Quick response to any immediate changes in market demand
  • Turnaround time from order to delivery is reduced
Competitive Advantage: If you are able to receive point of sales data and keep the shelves full of your product on a timely basis at the same time saving transaction costs for your Customer, you have a competitive advantage and an entrenched relationship.
Accurate response on stock availability and pricing.
Higher order accuracy from booking to delivery for higher Customer satisfaction at reduced cost.
Real time monitoring and management instead of discreet management.
Electronic Software Updates - GoFrugal can update RayMedi electronically. This allows you to benefit from latest developments.
Remote Monitoring and Management - Increased responsiveness and quick problem resolution in a more cost effective manner.

Key Features
Option to automate EDI transactions - ability of the product to run unattended or manually gives IT staff the opportunity to have as little or as much control over the data exchange process as they desire.
Multiple Communication options - FTP/HTTP/E-mail/Direct Dial-up.
Peer to Peer communication - eliminates the need to host and maintain dedicated servers for communication which is expensive.
Masters Mapping Tool - Normalize masters(Item, Customer, Manufacturer, Supplier etc.) of trade partners, peers.
Data Routing - ensures that your data is routed to the designated recipient and splits or separates data files by destination.
Databanking - monitors the EDI process and lets you selectively reprocess, retransmit, archive and/or restore data.
Secure EDI - Manage sensitive and critical business data more securely.
Reporting - comprehensive set of reports to monitor and analyse your EDI process.
User/Role based Security management - Secure operations through user/role based access privileges.
Automatic notification of Product Master & new products, schemes, offers etc.,
Data entry transferred with the click of a button.
Eliminates multiple computer-paper-computer data entry cycles in the retail supply chain.
Multiple communication options.
Simple telephone line for very low volume EDI.
Broadband internet for medium/large businesses.

For further information call us on 040-65248220 or email us on sales@gopalsystems.com

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