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Gofrugal - Web Reporter
[Gofrugal - Web Reporter]

RayMedi WebReporter enables real-time access to your business information. It is a web based reporting tool that assists you or your store manager to keep track of the activities of the store. All you need is Internet connectivity to your server in the business environment [retail store] and to access your reports [from home or browsing center]. You get plenary access to your business information helping you make well informed decisions at the right time.

RayMedi WebReporter is configured with Apache Tomcat WebServer pledging you inclusive security for your business data. This gives you accessibility from Internet kiosks even when you are on the move. What this actually means ? All the software required to use RayMedi WebReporter are deployed on the server and you just need a web browser to log into the RayMedi WebReporter and view your reports. All the reports which are part of the store level software will be available online and can be accessed anywhere and anytime by just using a web browser. RayMedi WebReporter is an indispensable tool helping you in managing your store without bounds.


Business Benefits:
  • Access your current business information in real-time : Accurate information without human intervention [ need not call office, ask for information from others and no human communication errors]
  • Helps accurate ordering : When you are traveling outstation for your purchases, you can view current business details about the product(s) that you plan to order and use the information to fine tune your purchase plans.
  • Analyze your business from the comfort of your home : Your physical presence in the store is not required to analyze your business. You can view the reports on line online and spend some quality time analyzing the business from the comfort of your home.
  • Saves stationary and printing costs : WebReporter facilitates adding user notes while viewing the reports. Comments, suggestions, feedback and decisions can be communicated to colleagues / other departments by way of these user notes. WebReporter facilitates to add user note in local languages as well.
  • Trace ability of decisions made : As WebReporter stores the user notes made including the action taken, complete traceability on decisions are available. This promotes a culture of ownership, accountability and learning making it easy for your organization to grow.
Key Features:

  • Remote Access with no client software installation : It's a Web based reporting tool which makes possible for you to View reports from Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser from remote locations. As the client is browser based, every processing is done at server. So, reports are served quickly by the browser client
  • Report Security [Authentication] : The browser client connects using secure transport layer [https protocol] with 128 bit encryption. Due to this, it is not possible to record your password or use your login data to login later.
  • Report personalization : Users can Customize reports by showing/hiding columns, rearranging the column positions, showing group totals, grouping the columns etc. The personalization settings are saved. So, personalize once and enjoy continued viewing as per your need.
  • Report scheduler : Schedule reports to be generated at specified time and get them emailed to selected people. If there is a need to send reports to Customers or suppliers, they can be scheduled.
  • More than 500 pre-defined reports with option to configure additional sub-reports.
  • Complete list of sales, purchase, inventory, accounts and business intelligence reports.
  • Powerful report administration tool - users can configure the reports and add to MyReports section.
  • Can export to Excel, HTML or PDF.
  • New reports section gives a quick glance at the new reports added. Reminds you to look at the latest additions to the reporting capability of RayMedi.
  • You can mark your favorite reports for easy accessing later. This saves time in accessing your favorite reports as you can go to those reports from the home page itself.
  • The recent reports in home page gives you a quick link to access the reports you have seen in the recent past.
  • The WebReporter menu organization is 100% same as the menu organization in RPOS 6.5/RPOS 7. This reduces the learning time as you can access the reports using the same menu/sub-menu that you are used to with the RayMedi Reporter with RPOS login and can only get access to those reports that are authorized to view in POS through WebReporter.
  • The settings in terms of report format and other Customization done by a user are applicable in WebReporter also.
  • Snapshot option: You can make use of the snapshot option in the reports generated. This feature is an advanced option as far as the report generation process is concerned enabling to take snapshots of reports and user comments and to send them as mail attachments. It is a significant key feature under Web Reporting to handle with ease as well.
  • XML Compression on Reports: Excellent compression techniques used to save reports, to send mail attachment snapshots and user comments' snapshots.
  • User Comments' Dashboard: The extensive dashboard design tool aids in displaying dashboard for User comments and hence, you will automatically be shown of the useful documents and other essential objects as you read the comments.
  • UI Amendments: When you look up over the recently viewed reports and favorites reports page, the User Interface (UI) gets changed automatically to match up with your reports.
  • Mail Server Setting: You have the facility of accessing the settings of mail server page in the home page itself.
  • Audit Custom Reports updation: Once a report detail is deleted, it gets added up to the Audit custom reports. Similarly, all the deleted report details gets summed up under Audit custom Reports.

For further information call us on 040-65248220 or email us on sales@gopalsystems.com

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