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Cozy Print is the Aadhaar Card printing software developed by Gopal Systems Private Limited, Hyderabad, India. Software is well designed to take the e-Aadhaar file in PDF format and convert the information to the format required to print on a plastic card. This software is designed to take care of variations on PDF format of e-Aadhaar file. Cozy Print software with card printer and blank cards can enable any small business owner to start the Aadhaar Card printing business with small investment and earn good income. Optionally a small business owner can partner with Cozy Print without any investment to offer card printing service to their cusomters using our partner portal and earn margin on each card.

  • Step 1
    Download E-Aadhaar PDF file from UIDAI resident portal
  • Step 2
    Open Cozy Print Software and select the downloaded PDF file and enter the password to open the PDF file.
  • Step 3
    Process through Cozy Print software to convert the e-Aadhaar PDF file to the format suitable to print onto Plastic Card.
  • Step 4
    Print the processed card information through card printer onto supplied pre-printed plastic card.

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