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Loyalty Management - TruTouch - Software
[Loyalty Management - TruTouch - Software]

  • Proven returns of 3X-5X, Month on Month
  • Instant Intelligentrewards
  • SMS / EMAIL based personalized messaging
  • MULTI-LANGUAGE support
  • Future Ready - Social Media Integrated
  • Real TIMEDATA Insights & Analytics
  • Targeted Campaigns
  • POS Integrated
  • Quick & Secure Deployment


Customer expectations change with every visit... Exceeding these expectations every time is a must to increase customer delight and makes them loyal. However, the high cost of running loyalty programs and delay in realizing true benefits of loyalty make the entire effort unviable for most retailers. Capillary's unique offering – "TruTouch" bridges the gap in delighting customers and maximizing profit by giving retailers the power of an end-to-end customer engagement solution right from their desk – All this without loyalty cards or paper based forms for customer registration.

Close to 6000 retail stores have benefitted from the RoI focused solution and has delighted more than 10 million customers till date.

Unique features of TruTouch
  • Simple, quick customer registration process – Takes less than 5 seconds
  • Integrated with Point-of-Sale (PoS) solutions – Capture customer + purchase information
  • Instant SMS on purchase and rewards – takes less than 3 seconds
  • High Participation rates – Acquire upto 90% of your entire customer base
  • Instant intelligent Rewards – Right Rewards, Right Customers, Right Time
  • Data driven Insights Engine – Understand customer behaviour to make the right decisions
  • Campaign Manager – Create & track multiple M-Campaigns at a click of a button
  • Cost-effective per-store-per-month pricing model – Zero capital expenditure


In today's competitive marketplace, customer is the king with unlimited choices of brands. Retailers need to constantly improve their understanding of customer expectations and deliver consistently to keep them loyal.
  • Understand and classify customers based on factors like gender, frequency of visits, average bill value, purchase patterns etc.
  • Freedom to choose reward model: Points based, Voucher based, Instant Rewards, promotions and coupons. Send the most relevant promotion to maximize conversion.
  • Automated promotional alerts: birthdays, anniversaries, new product arrivals, end of season sales etc.


Capillary's instant rewards engine analyses customer purchase in the current visit and issues the most relevant voucher to the customer within 3 seconds of billing.The customer is still in the store and is delighted to be rewarded for his "Current Purchase.
  • Reward customers when they are still in store for an upsell or cross sell.
  • Analyze current basket information to promote the most appropriate offer.
  • Proven conversion rates between 10 % - 20 %


At Capillary, we harness the power of data and deliver actionable insights using our proprietary tools. Capillary combines its TruTouch platform with superior data analytics and business intelligence that helps in client's decision making process in order to drive sales and higher ROI.
  • An Easy to use Web based tool which allows the client to obtain vital customer information with few clicks.
  • Secure, Question& Answer based analytical engine to give vital business insights to your organization.
  • Flexible platform - Customize data fields based on your changing requirements to analyse trends on multiple parameters.


Retailers have different types of customers – High value customers, frequent buyers, Discount happy customers etc. There is a need to create campaigns which target different types of customers effectively.
  • Imagine creating a campaign for all customers who have purchased "formal, white color, size 42 "shirts in the last 6 months and offloading all Size 42 inventory.
  • TruTouch enables retailers to create unlimited campaigns with ease, backed by insights from the analytics engine.
  • Create campaigns based on customer demographic information, customer purchase type, purchase frequency, store environment and amount of purchase etc.


Capillary holds its customer's need for end-to-end privacy and security in utmost regard. TruTouch's ISO 27001-2005 certified security management system.
  • TruTouch provides a highly dependable cloud computing platform using different physical and operational security processes.
  • TruTouch's security features include multiple secure gateways designed to operate with proper authentication & One Time Passwords ( OTP )
  • Capillary and retailer to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure complete data security.

  • Know your customer like never before and keep them forever.
  • One platform for data capture, analytics, campaign management & social media integration
  • No Risk of capital investment & RoI focused approach to customer engagement
  • Fast deployment cycles & proven campaign results within 2 months.
  • Get world class platform used by top retailers in the country to drive loyalty.
  • Capillary Solutions are currently running in more than 6000 stores across India, Middle East & Europe managing customer traffic of over 10 Million.

For further information call us on 040-65248220 or email us on sales@gopalsystems.com

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