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RayMedi - mSalesOrder - Mobile Solution
[RayMedi - mSalesOrder - Mobile Solution]

When you have a field sales force taking orders from Customers, they do not have complete information on the availability of the product, the offers on the product, the outstanding details of the Customer, the credit note / debit note pending for the Customer etc.,. Also, while recording the order manually and communicating the same to the staff who process them, order accuracy suffers leading to wrong delivery, higher reverse logistics costs and lower Customer satisfaction. This lack of up to date information with the field sales person and the errors associated with the manual process leads to lack of complete account control for the sales person. Due to this, the sales person may not use the sales opportunity with the Customer effectively resulting in loss of sales, lower Customer satisfaction and may even lead to loss of Customer.

RayMedi mSalesOrder is the perfect tool to automated the order entry to order fulfillment of the process to increase the order accuracy and to increase the average sales per Customer.?

RayMedi mSalesOrder can be directly connected to the server for stock checking, price and promotions checking, outstanding details of the Customer, credit / debit notes pending for the Customer can be reviewed at the time of order booking using a GPRS internet connection in the mobile. Offline order taking and uploading the order to the server either from a browsing center or by coming to distribution center are also available. The sales person can also access in the offline mode, current stock information is not available in the mobile device.


RayMedi mSalesOrder
Works with RayMedi POS software store server : Online & Offline mode
  • Mobile device connects directly to the RayMedi POS software store server DB to get the information it requires for Sales order entry.
  • Sales Order can be taken with price and tax information are retrieved from the store DB Once order is taken the order can be saved directly on the store server DB when it is in online. It is stored in the mobile device when offline and synchronized with the store server DB later.
  • Immediate access to Customer wise price level reduces manual error in rate calculations.
  • Immediate access to schemes and promotions helps in providing better service to Customers.
  • Reduced administration overhead - no more re-keying of order from sales force into a back office system.
  • Shortened order to delivery cycle for Customers.
  • Increased sales because sales force now have information available at their fingertips to help them to sell more.
  • Improved order accuracy - no more transcription errors.
  • Sales executive time saved in making a call to office and reading out full order.
  • RayMedi mSalesOrder can be deployed on any Windows CE mobile device. The same application can be ported to other languages depending on the Mobile device chosen by the Customer for deployment.
  • RayMedi mSalesOrder application helps to Improve efficiency,accuracy and reduce data entry errors with improved Customer service and satisfaction.

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