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RayMedi - mPOS - Mobile Solution
[RayMedi - mPOS - Mobile Solution]

Managing Customers during peak hours, especially at the billing counter, is a major challenge for the retailer, when Customer (who buy fewer[1-5 products]) starts turning away after seeing the queue waiting at the billing counter.

Due to space constraint and to maximize revenue per square feet, retailers are not able to add more counters to manage the above situation.This is simply because additional billing counters are required only during 10% of the peak hours and during the remaining 90% of the time they are not required.

RayMedi mPOS offers cost effective solution for managing the peak hours in a better way. Without all the infrastructure and space required for the counters, with RayMedi mPOS, retailers can open temporary billing counters and the mobile cashier can scan items, print bills and collect cash from the Customers(with less than 5 items) and thereby serving them quickly and effectively. Only cash payment will be accepted at the mPOS. If the?Customer chooses to pay by creditcard or any other instrument, Customer should do the settlement in another counter [and not at the mPOS terminal itself]. Similarly, the SKU's that are not part of any offers will only be billed at the mPOS, as processing all schemes and promotions will slow down the mPOS operation.

The SKU's can be scanned with the barcode scanner in the mPOS or product selected manually in the mPOS. The price and tax information are picked up from the mPOS database in case of offline application. The same information is taken from the store server in the case of online application. Multiple such products are entered and the final sales bill is either stored as a XML file in the mPOS [when it is in offline]or stored as a sales bill in the store server.In the online mode the bill done in mPOS can be recalled for settlement.


RayMedi mPOS functional overview
Works with RayMedi POS software store server : Online & Offline mode
  • When product is scanned, price and tax information are retrieved from the store DB and billing done
  • Once the billing is completed, the bill can be saved. It is saved directly on the store server DB when it is in online. It is stored as a XML file when the mPOS is in offline and synchronized with the store server DB later.
  • The offline functionality is same irrespective of the type of POS i.e. normal POS counter and the mPOS.

Works with third party POS store server - Only in offline mode
  • Product with barcode, price, tax and promotion available/not available detail are exported from the store server in XML or CSV format.
  • When the billing is completed, it is saved with the payment type i.e. cash or credit card etc.
  • The bill is printed and settlement done for cash bills at the mPOS counter itself.
  • The settlement is done in another location for non-cash bills.
  • The billing information is uploaded to the store server at periodic intervals
  • The reconciliation of non-cash bill payments must be done at the store server after data synchronization.

  • Improved Customer satisfaction.
  • Professional & systematic operations helps build brand image and attracts more Customers.
  • Customer service is improved.

  • Depending on the capability of the mobile device, all types of tender can be accepted at the mPOS itself.
  • The promotion and scheme module will be defined at server side, component so that promotion and scheme are processed at the server while using the mPOS for billing. This is only possible with RayMedi POS application.
  • RayMedi mPOS can be deployed on any Windows CE mobile device. The same application can be ported to other languages depending on the Mobile device chosen by the Customer for deployment.
  • A simple mPOS is enough as a queue burst application. The same can be supported on entry level mPOS devices with limited capability.

For further information call us on 040-65248220 or email us on sales@gopalsystems.com

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