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RayMedi - mVANPOS Application - Mobile Solution
[RayMedi - mVANPOS Application - Mobile Solution]

RayMedi mVANPOS Application

The challenge faced in VAN sales are Customer specific pricing details and offers and promotions to be made available with VAN sales person. VAN sales person should be able to view Customer specific data. Van sales representatives are responsible for performing retail audits, capturing orders, invoicing and collecting payments.. In addition to these primary sales responsibilities, they can also collect payment for outstanding billings, collect items that are being returned and exchange products with other delivery representatives. When the VAN comes back, reconciliation of stock in the VAN is consuming too much time i.e. unsold articles, sales by Customer, returns taken and adjustment made, empty containers taken, unadjusted returns taken etc..,

RayMedi mVANPOS is used for managing Van sales. Van sales person is given a mobile device that is treated as a separate location and stock is physically transfered to that location. VAN sales person can have daily route wise Customers list defined to be serviced. VAN sales application have Customer list, stock details in VAN location, Customer specific price levels, offers promotions etc.,. This application works in offline mode at day end data is synchronized with server. The van seller visits Customers, sells the product, and immediately delivers it from the VAN with a bill. Customers can pay cash and receive an invoice or reduce credit from open items. After the driver returns to the warehouse, data is uploaded, and product and cash differences are determined and debited to the correct account.

Usage of RayMedi mVANPOS application helps in saving time spent in reconciliation, accurate information is made available with VAN sales person with correct pricing and offers. This helps in implementing corrective measures to improve VAN Sales process.


  • Works with RayMedi POS software store server in Online & Offline mode.
  • RayMedi mVANPOS Sales application downloads the Customers master, Price levels, stock, Offers and Promotions, and other details required from the server. In offline mode all above data is stored in the mobile device using Wi-fi or USB interface
  • Delivery challan interface to issue delivery challan to Customers.
  • Sales Order interface to be generated for Customers.
  • Sales bill are generated for Customers from mVANPOS application with payment details and map payments with the respective invoice.
  • Delivery note can be taken on mVANPOS application.
  • Sales Return Interface can accept sales return, expiry/breakage, damage returns, adjustment of credit notes, payment receipt etc. Also return of empty containers etc.
  • Schemes and promotions can be ported from server to mVANPOS Application which is stored locally.
  • VAN Sales application stores Customer specific price level information.
  • When the VAN comes back, quick reconciliation of stock in the VAN is done i.e. unsold articles, sales by Customer, returns taken and adjustment made, empty containers taken, unadjusted returns taken etc.
  • Synchronization of above in the main system.
Operational Benefits
  • Makes VAN sales tracking a lot easier. At day end mobile devices needs to be plugged in to store computer and data can be synchronized to generate settlement report.
  • Day end settlement process is optimized to save time and reduce errors.
  • Immediate access to Customer wise price level reduces manual error in rate calculations
Business Benefits
  • Improved Customer service leads to get repeat business from Customer's.
  • Immediate access to schemes and promotions helps in providing better service to Customers.
  • Provides appropriate information to VAN Sales staff which leads in increased business.
  • RayMedi mVANPOS can be deployed on any Windows CE mobile device. The same application can be ported to other languages depending on the Mobile device chosen by the Customer for deployment.
  • RayMedi mVANPOS Application helps to Improve efficiency and accuracy and Reduce data entry errors.

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