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RayMedi - mStockPick - Mobile Solution
[RayMedi - mStockPick - Mobile Solution]

RayMedi mStockPick

The challenges faced in the operations of warehouse or distribution business is the efficiency and accuracy of delivery management. Inefficient stock picking leads to higher operating cost and loss of hard earned thin margin in business. Inaccurate delivery also leads to increased reverse logistics costs and unproductive workload, as most business are not optimized for sales returns. Accuracy in stock picking and delivery is all the more difficult to manage manually, due to the increase in the number of variants such as flavor, packing etc. of every product in the market and the increased consumer demand for specific variant.

The RayMedi mStockPick automates the process of stock picking in a warehouse / distribution operation for efficient stock picking & increased delivery accuracy. The pick list is downloaded in the mobile device and is used as reference for stock picking. While performing stock-picking operation by scanning the items mentioned in the pick list, mobile beeps if stock picked differs from the pick list.


  • Works with RayMedi POS and RayMedi DE software store server in Online & Offline mode.
  • Actual stock picking list is downloaded from RayMedi Stores server to mobile device and stored in XML format which helps in comparing actual stock scanned or selected manually for dispatch in offline mode where as in online mode mobile device is directly connected with stores database for updates.
  • Helps to pick the right variant of the product with the right batch number, serial number and other attributes that are available in barcode.
Operational Benefits
  • RayMedi mStockPick reduces errors in picking stock as comparison is happening side by side.
  • RayMedi stock picking application helps in reducing the time involved in stock picking process.
  • Error in picking can be avoided for product getting picked is different price, batch, serial number, variant/matrix etc.
Business Benefits
  • Optimizing picking will deliver big returns to your operation because picking labor expenses are such a big proportion of your total warehouse costs.
  • Billed product is only picked as picking is done based on pick list in mobile device.
  • Reduced labor as manual picking involves stock pick and verification steps. As automated and accurate verification is done at the time of picking itself, reduced labor results in lower operating costs.
  • Increases the delivery accuracy leading to higher Customer satisfaction and lower reverse logistics costs.
  • RayMedi mStockPick can be deployed on any Windows CE mobile device or PDT device. The same application can be ported to other languages depending on the Mobile device chosen by the Customer for deployment.
  • RayMedi mStockPick Application helps to Improve efficiency,accuracy and Reduce data entry errors in picking stock.

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