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Jewellery - Management - Software
[Jewellery - Management - Software]

Features of Jewellery Management System
Counter Management:
  • Smooth flow gives customer pleasant experience and saves customer's time.
  • Accurate tally of cashier wise cash.
  • Systematic process of verifying stock.
  • Cross verification of old gold received.
  • Reporting of damaged items, returned items.
  • Clear summarized picture of counter transactions.
  • Optional facility to allot Authorization.
  • Sales billing with cash, cheques, cards, credit, gift vouchers.
  • Complete customer order booking and all related transactions.
  • Old gold received / URD purchase with Gross weight, Net weight and Fine weight.
  • Sales Return.
  • Simultaneous entry of transactions.
Estimates / Quotations:
  • Estimates/Quotations for sales purchase and order.
  • Reporting based on Productwise sales and Estimates.

Customer Order Processing:
  • Order taking with all required details.
  • Maintenance of metal and advance received.
  • Karigar Order slip generation.
  • Covers Repair orders, and Repair-order delivered.
  • Separate maintenance of order delivery stock.
  • Instant display of order status.
  • Order to be delivered and other order related reports.
Stock Inward
  • Keep a track of the stock on the click of the button.
  • Covers Stock Statement date-wise and period-wise.
  • Branch transfer / Location wise stock transfer.
  • Purchase return.
Labeling and Inventory Management:
  • Barcoding / RFID tags can be used with the weighing scale connectivity.
  • Labeling details includes all details of the ornament, supplier name, and received date.
  • Maintenance of labeled and non-labeled inventory.
  • Colour, shape, clarity, quality of the diamonds can be specified while labeling.
  • De-labeling of labeled ornament.
  • Sales analysis / fast moving item analysis / inventory carrying cost analysis.
  • Analysis will be item wise and item category wise.
  • Stock taking module for verifying physical stock with computer stock.
  • Barcode printing on label stationary of any size.
  • Inter branch stock transfer which avoids repeat entry.
Karigar Working:
  • Issue / receipts of gold and cash.
  • Summarized report of gold and cash transactions with the karigar.
  • Summarized report of karigar wise work in progress orders with delivery schedule.
  • Summary of stock pending with the karigar.
Customer Relationship Management:
  • Customer details with name, address, mobile number, email id, etc..
  • Mailing and SMS facilty.
  • Birthday / Anniversary reminder reporting.
  • Sales analysis ? Customer wise.
  • Customer wise previous transactions.
Financial Accounting:
  • Cash book.
  • Sales register, Purchase register.
  • Ledger.
  • VAT Reports.
Advance Accounting:
  • Credit Card Balance Reconciliation module.
  • Payment follow-up Module with reminder system.
Human Resources Development:
  • Maintenance of detailed Employee profile.
  • Attendance module ( Manual or using Biometric / RFID devices) for employees.
  • Payroll module as per requirement can be provided.
  • Salesman wise sales analysis report.
  • Different types of item group wise stock reports.
  • Daily Cash, Cheque, Credit card, Metal relieved reports.
  • Stock Inward, Stock Outwards like Sales Transfer out and Closing balances
  • Item label wise Stock & Sales reports.
  • Transactions with Karigar Reports.
  • Accounting Reports.
  • Sales, Purchase registers with Inventory , VAT details.
MIS Report:
  • Item wise, item category wise daily/monthly analysis of sales.
  • Fast moving and Slow moving items with item wise, category wise analysis.
  • Salesman wise sales reports.
  • Karigar wise Pending Gold & Cash.
  • Undelivered order pending with the Karigar.
  • Details of a Work Order.
  • Detailed Item Stock.
  • Assign fix-working location to a particular user.
  • Restrict access to particular menus to the user.
  • Set access rights of add, update, delete, print for each user groups.
  • Set lock dates to restrict updating of back dated transactions.
  • Database backup and restore option.
  • Software is based on reliable client server database technology.
  • Software can use SQL databases like MS SQL, My-SQL.
  • Standard version comes with MS SQL database.
  • MS SQL is robust and reliable database.
  • Web reporting facility can be made available.
  • Software is integrated with devices like scanners, digital camera, weighting scale, barcode printers, RFID devices , Bluetooth RFID devices and Barcode Devices.
  • Hand-Held device can be used at sales counters for display purpose.

For further information call us on 040-65248220 or email us on sales@gopalsystems.com

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