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Citizen - CD-S500 Dotmartix printer
[Citizen - CD-S500 Dotmartix printer]

The CD-S500 is ideally suited for point of sale applications that require color or monochromatic one, two, or three-ply receipts. This robust, impact printer features the latest technological advances including; drop-in paper loading, compact design, logic seeking head, built-in programmable buzzer, and ESC/POS compatibility. The CD-S500 is available in three models; standard, auto-cutter, and auto-cutter with paper take-up. All models are powered by an external AC adapter and feature user-replaceable interface boards (serial, parallel, USB, and Ethernet). The CD-S500 can also be wall-mounted and is ideal for kitchen slips, delivery slips, coupons, tickets, receipts, or daily reports.


  • High-speed, two-color printing
  • Logic-seeking control
  • Drop-in paper loading
  • Selectable paper widths
  • One, two, or three ply receipts
  • Built-in programmable buzzer
  • ESC/POS, CBM, or STAR emulation
  • Built-in NV memory
  • User-installable interface cards
  • Cash drawer kick-out
  • Auto Cutter (optional)
  • Rewinder (optional)
  • Wall mount kit (optional)
  • Black mark support (optional)
  • Black or Cool White Available
  • Three-Year Warranty


Function CD-S500
Printing Method Serial impact dot matrix (Logic-seeking control)
Printing direction Bi-directional
Head pins 9 pins (F: 0.3mm, Pin interval: 1/72 inch)
Printing speed Printing: 240 CPS (3P paper 200CPS) Through-put: 76.2 mm wide,
40 columns (7 x 9 + 3 sp, 6 LPI) 5.0 LPS 69.5 mm wide,
36 columns (7 x 9 + 3 sp, 6 LPI) 5.4 LPS 57.5 mm wide,
30 columns (7 x 9 + 3 sp, 6 LPI) 6.0 LPS
Number of columns Paper width 76.2 mm: 40/42 or 33/35 columns
Paper width 69.5 mm: 36/40 or 30/32 columns
Paper width 57.5 mm: 30/33 or 25/27 columns
Character size (WxH) 1.25 x 3.12mm (7 x 9 dots), 1.57 x 3.12mm(9 x 9 dots)
Character set ASCII (96 characters ), International characters, Katakana,
Code page 437, KATAKANA, 850, 860, 863, 865, 852, 866, 857, 858, WPC1252
Line spacing 4.23mm
Paper feed Method: Friction feed Minimum pitch: 1/144 inch Speed: 40 LPS (6 LPI)
Paper Types: 1P roll paper, 2P copy roll paper (1 original + 1 copy),
*3P copy roll paper (1 original + 2 copies)
*Paper width: 76.2 / 69.5 / 57.5±0.5 mm
*Roll diameter: F30 mm ~83mm
*Core diameter: F10 +2/-0 mm (Internal diameter), F27 mm or less (External diameter)
*Paper thickness: 0.06 ~ 0.085 mm (1 P), 0.05 ~ 0.20 mm (Copy paper/total thickness)
* When 3P, printing speed falls 16%.
Interface Parallel (IEEE 1284) & USB, Serial (RS-232C) & USB
Ink ribbon cartridge Two colors (Red/Black), Single color (Black)
Emulation ESC/POS (Page mode), CBM mode, STAR mode
Input buffer 4K bytes / 40 bytes
NV bit image 128K bytes
User NV memory 8K bytes
Drawer kick-out 2 Drawers
Power supply DC 24V±7%
AC adapter Input: AC 100 ~ 240V, 0.55A ~ 0.35A, 50/60 Hz Output: DC24V±5%
Weight Standard type: Approx.2.2 kg
With Auto cutter type: 2.3 kg
With Auto cutter and rewinder type: 2.45 kg
(exclude AC adapter, AC case, ink ribbon cartridge and paper)
Dimensions (W x D x H) Standard type: 156 x 247.7 x 132 mm
With Auto cutter and rewinder type: 156 x 277.7 x 196.7 mm
Operating environment 0 ~ 50°C, 10 ~ 90% RH (No condensation)
Storage environment -20 ~ 70°C, 5 ~ 90% RH (No condensation)
Reliability Printer: MCBF 7.5 million lines
Printer head: 150 million characters
Auto cutter: 1,000,000 cuts
EMC and safety standards UL, C-UL, FCC Class A, TUV-GS, CE marking,CCC

For further information call us on 040-65248220 or email us on sales@gopalsystems.com

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