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  Home --> Hardware --> Weighing Scales --> Retail Scales --> Ticket Printing (POS) Scales --> Mettler Toledo - bC-H22 hanging scale - Ticket Printing Scales
Mettler Toledo - bC-H22 hanging scale - Ticket Printing Scales
[Mettler Toledo - bC-H22 hanging scale - Ticket Printing Scales]

The METTLERTOLEDO bC-H22 hangingscale is the classic weighing solution for fish and perfect for counters where little space is available for presenting fresh produce.The bC-H22 hanging scale has a printer for receipts or labels and can be networked with all modern scales from METTLER TOLEDO's bC scale family as standard.

Features and Benefits
Bright displays
Clear and easy to read: The customer and operator displays of the bC-H22 have an anti-glare, anti-reflection display screen with a wide reading angle. The adjustable backlight ensures a highcontrast display even in the case of poor lighting conditions.
Simple paper changing
The removable printing unit facilitates a simple and rapid paper change, while the print head is easily accessible for cleaning. The receipt or label roll is fitted below shoulder height and thus prevents wet sleeves during operation caused by flowing water.
Fast operation
The bC-H22 hanging scale provides the highest level of operating convenience with the tried-and-tested METTLER TOLEDO Light Touch keyboard. The removable keyboard is simple to clean, while the freely configurable keys can be individually labeled.
Targeted sales promotion
Take advantage of the scale housing for your advertising campaigns: Advertising images and messages can be displayed on the customer's side of the screen at ease. In this way, you can really draw attention to your offers.
Compact housing
All interfaces and connections as well as the antennae of the WiFi unit available as an option are safely protected against dirt and damages thanks to the easily removable plastic ABS cover.

Weighing range 15 kg 6/15 kg 12 kg
Graduation 5 g 2/5 g 2 g
Minimum capacity* 100 g 40 g 40 g

Specifications - bC-H22 hanging scale

Keyboard Patented Light Touch keyboard
99 keys in total, 30 function keys
69 freely programmable fixed keys
Easy to maintain thanks to the patented, removable Light Touch keyboard
Printer 2" print head for receipts/label printing
Thermal printer 125 mm/s, logo printed onto receipts and labels,
10 freely definable labels, large number of predefined labels

RJ45, Ethernet TCP/IP
2 serial interfaces
RJ11 connection for cash register drawers
1 USB port
Optional: Integrated WLAN IEEE802.11b/g
Data storage 4 MB application memory is sufficient for even the toughest demands on speed of use
3 MB data memory with additional expansion options up to a maximum of 8 MB
Secure weighing Password login for staff members
Electronic journal
Price changes and sales reports protected by pin codes
Display High resolution back-lit LCD
Weight: 5 locations
Tare: 5 locations
Basic price: 7 locations
Total price: 7 locations
Text line: 16 alphanumeric characters
240 x 240 dot matrix display (optional)
Functions Serving function, cash register function, inventory function, large-volume sales, self service and training function, service function with receipt, label, total label, self-adhesive total receipts.
Reporting Adjustable daily reports
Reporting on two revenue levels
Electronic journal
Reports per staff member, department, category, item, price, revenue report for specifically defined time frames

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