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Membership/Loyalty card

For each customer a unique identity card is issued at the time when the customer entered the store for the first time.

When the customer stacking up grocery items at the checkout line, you're probably not worried about whether your supermarket chain is compiling a profile for storing that information for its own use. At the time of billing if the customer shows the loyality card the entire personal data and use it to build an aggregate "profile" of individual consumers .The consumer can use the card in any of the store which accepts loyality cards. At the time of billing the customer details like Card No, Payment No, payment price, Consumer Address, Contact No are recorded at the store and send to the main database where the total information of the customer is managed.

Supermarket chains use their stored data to target buyers with "special" offers and "preferred" advertisements from their marketing partners.

Everywhere a supermarket, pharmacy, or department store can be found, anywhere in the world, you can assume there's a "discount rewards" program in place to provide customers with benefits that go "beyond mere shopping".

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