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Liquor Monitor Integrated to POS Systems

Liquor Monitor integrated to most major POS Systems will now let you manage your entire business from sales of drinks to actual pours of drinks in real time. No more guessing or wondering if you are losing profits due to poorly trained bartenders or bartenders that over pour or give away drinks.
With Liquor Monitor it doesn't matter if you have 1, 2 or 3 bars at your location or even bars on different floors, Liquor Monitor can track every pour from every bar/ station anywhere in your location.

Liquor Monitor has a buffer up to 48 pours or disengage/engage events. This means no lost pours or removal of spout due to bottle out of range, (outdoors, basement etc) or system (power) is temporarily down. No lost pours or data, always working for you where ever the bottle is located.
Liquor Monitor now closes the hole on the two big areas of concern in the hospitality market, visibility of liquor pours and real time inventory control. With Liquor Monitor you can have visibility of all your liquor pours and inventory control of all your liquor brands in real time.
Liquor Monitor comes with a full liquor brand database with barcodes (3000 brands and sizes) and a 1000 drink menu. With the consumption report you don't have to spend hours counting your liquor inventory with a clipboard or pay an outside service to come in after the fact to tell you how much liquor you poured. This is the finest system found anywhere.
With Liquor Monitor integrated to POS you can run any report anytime and get:
  • What bartender rang up the drink and at what time.
  • What drink was poured with what liquor brand.
  • Includes mixed drinks as well as single pours.
  • How much should have been poured compared to how much was poured.
  • Variance reports by Bartender, Drink, Liquor Brand and Liquor type.
  • Sales and Profits Analyses Reports and inventory control.
  • Drink database showing ingredients and expected pour portions.
  • Identify over pours, under pours, substitutions and giveaways
Now you have total visibility of all your drink sales to drink pours to inventory control.
So what are you waiting for, reduce your losses, increase your profits, no more guessing where did all the liquor go and have peace of mind. This will be the best investment you ever made for your business. If it just reduces your losses by 25% (could be 50%-60%) you will recoup your investment in no time.

  • Integrates with most Major POS Systems
  • Tracks Sales & Pours by Bartender
  • Tells you how much Liquor should've been Poured
  • Tracks how much Liquor was Poured
  • Tracks Liquor Inventory in Real Time
  • Does not Interfere with your Current POS System

Screen Shots (Click to Enlarge)

Liquor Monitor Software

Additional Reports when Integrated with POS


Liquor Monitor™ Spout

  • Pour at any angle for total accuracy and reliability using an accelerometer
  • Patent Pending Electronics to detect removal of spout (no mechanical buttons)
  • Custom corks for all size bottles
  • No lost data due to corks rising
  • Dishwasher and Soak Safe
  • Buffer up to 48 events, no matter where the spout is located

Liquor Monitor™ Receiver
The Liquor Monitor receiver is dual interface, Ethernet or Serial. Supports POE and has a range up to 75'. Has a buffer to store pours and removal of spout while disconnected or down. Also has a built in rechargeable battery pack for pours and spout removal when there is no power available.

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