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Kitchen order taking or Bar Order Taking Application using Palmtec and iPrintMarvel (RF/Wireless connectivity)

Palmtec Amphibia:

Palmtec Amphibia is a rugged light weight handheld portable computer that weighs about 400 grams and is suitable for rough environments. It consists of the following:

  • High end 32 bit ARM series Micro-controller
  • 2/4/8/12 MB data storage. Optional up to 2 GB
  • 30 key rugged tactile operable keypad
  • 128x64 Graphic LCD with white backlight
  • 32 column 2 inch high speed thermal printer
  • 7.4V Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery pack
  • USB interface
  • Models with optional interfaces for RS232 /GPRS /BARCODE /SMART CARD /RF /Bio Metric etc.
iPrint Marvel:

iPrintMarvel is a very small, rugged mini printer with a small footprint and comes in aesthetic plastic enclosure and weighs about 350 grams.

  • 7.4V Li-Ion Battery Pack
  • In-Built 2 /4 /8 /12 MB memory and optional up to 2 GB SD Card
  • USB and Bluetooth interface options
  • High end 32 bit ARM series Micro-controller
  • 32 column thermal and 24 column dot matrix models
KOT and BOT for hotels and restaurants:
  • In a Hotel/Bar, KOT/BOT helps people like steward for order taking from the customer, generate printout for the cook to understand the order placed by the customer, and billing station for receiving and sending the information.
  • Steward select the table number, chair number and other number and generate the KOT/BOT against the order placed by the customer from Amphibia. The same will be printed in the kitchen from iPrintMarvel. Also the Data will be received to the software in the Server /PC. The data will be sent in wireless mode.
  • This procedure will continue till the customer complete the various orders. After the completion the bill can be raised from the Amphibia or from the Server /PC.
The Applications in Detail:
  • The steward / waiter download Master data by connecting Palmtec Amphibia to USB port of PC and store the data on the same.
  • Details like cover no., steward no., table no., chair no., ordered item with qty and rate can be entered.
  • There is option to enter the remark such as “with less pepper” or “tea with less sugar”, “Curry with less salt, more ghee, provide extra gravy” etc.
  • After an order of a table is completed, the KOT is sent through wireless mode to IPrintMarvel on the Kitchen for the cook to understand the order placed by the customer.
  • Once all the order of the table is completed, the final bill is generated either from Palmtec  Amphibia or from PC.
  • The bill can be handed over to the customer and money can be collected.
The Various facilities available in the machine are:
  1. Order taking
  2. Bill generation
  3. Parcel billing
  4. Duplicate/cancelled bill generation
  5. Items and category management
  6. Sales/purchase report generation
  7. Optional multi language enabling
  8. Discount entry
  9. Stock display
  10. More than 4000 billing
  11. Item manager
  12. Master password
  13. Multi user password
  14. Capability of storing
    • 64 stewards details
    • 128 waiters detils
    • 256 table details
    • 1024 chair details
    • 8000 covers details
  15. Edit/ modify KOT

Advantages of the system:
  • Easy order taking process.
  • Accuracy and time conservation.
  • As updation is Real-Time, higher efficiency of account control can be achieved.
  • Brand image enhancements is possible.
  • Increase of customer Satisfaction through enhanced TRUST WORTHINESS.


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