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Gofrugal - 01 Retail Point Of Sale ( POS ) Software  Gofrugal - 01 Retail Point Of Sale ( POS ) Software
 Download Brochure Retail industry is growing at fastest rate with increased number of challenges faced by retail. It has become increasingly difficult to adapt to changing bu...MORE
Gofrugal - Alerts  Gofrugal - Alerts
RayMedi Alerts helps you to send/notify critical business information in real time through a mobile from your business management software. It is designed to work with RayMedi Retail and Distribut...MORE
Gofrugal - Channel Inventory  Gofrugal - Channel Inventory
Most companies have optimized their supply chain to lower the cost per unit value of goods carried, by optimizing the transportation and warehousing for timely order fulfillment . But, most of them ...MORE
Gofrugal - Distribution Management  Gofrugal - Distribution Management
RayMedi Distribution Management?is a complete sales and distribution software exclusively designed for wholesale distributors and traders. It supports multi-user, multi company formats and integrate...MORE
Gofrugal - Food and Beverage - Retail Software  Gofrugal - Food and Beverage - Retail Software
Gofrugal offers complete solutions for Food and Beverages industry. With solutions for Independent Hotels and Restaurants, QSR's, Fast food chains, Bakeries and Food kiosks. GoFrugal solutions addr...MORE
Gofrugal - Head Quarter Supply Chain Management Software  Gofrugal - Head Quarter Supply Chain Management Software
 Download Brochure RayMedi HQ supply chain is designed to manage your chain of shops more easily. RayMedi HQ is a web-based, easy-to-use software which gives you more control in managing you...MORE
Gofrugal - NetTrade  Gofrugal - NetTrade
RayMedi NetTrade software is a complete business process automation tool that enables secure electronic trade and data interchange among trade partners, customers and peer groups. RayMedi NetTrade f...MORE
GoFrugal - RayMedi TRAC Accounting Software  GoFrugal - RayMedi TRAC Accounting Software
Accounts is the system of recording, verifying, and reporting of the value of assets, liabilities, income, and expenses in the books of account. Accounting is necessary for every org...MORE
Gofrugal - TruePOS - SaaS  Gofrugal - TruePOS - SaaS
 Download Brochure TruePOS - Pay as you grow your business Free SaaS POS with multi-channel access to your real time data.? TruePOS software a next generation online retail saas sol...MORE
Gofrugal - Web Orders  Gofrugal - Web Orders
RayMedi Web Sales Order Tool, a web based tool which is designed to work with RayMedi DE product line is a boon for both distributors and retailers to increase their productivity, save time and re...MORE
Gofrugal - Web Reporter  Gofrugal - Web Reporter
RayMedi WebReporter enables real-time access to your business information. It is a web based reporting tool that assists you or your store manager to keep track of the activities of the store. All y...MORE
RayMedi - mGIN - Mobile Solution  RayMedi - mGIN - Mobile Solution
 Download Brochure The challenges faced in goods receipt are - ordered product is different from that product received, ordered price is different from the price received, ordered quantity...MORE
RayMedi - mPOS - Mobile Solution  RayMedi - mPOS - Mobile Solution
 Download Brochure Managing Customers during peak hours, especially at the billing counter, is a major challenge for the retailer, when Customer (who buy fewer[1-5 products]) starts turnin...MORE
RayMedi - mSalesOrder - Mobile Solution  RayMedi - mSalesOrder - Mobile Solution
 Download Brochure When you have a field sales force taking orders from Customers, they do not have complete information on the availability of the product, the offers on the product, the ...MORE
RayMedi - mStockPick - Mobile Solution  RayMedi - mStockPick - Mobile Solution
 Download Brochure RayMedi mStockPickThe challenges faced in the operations of warehouse or distribution business is the efficiency and accuracy of delivery management. Inefficient stock p...MORE
RayMedi - mStockTake - Mobile Solution  RayMedi - mStockTake - Mobile Solution
 Download Brochure Most retail business owners are uncertain about the value of their inventory in hand and the true health of their inventory. This is due to the time and effort it takes ...MORE
RayMedi - mVANPOS Application - Mobile Solution  RayMedi - mVANPOS Application - Mobile Solution
 Download Brochure RayMedi mVANPOS Application The challenge faced in VAN sales are Customer specific pricing details and offers and promotions to be made available with VAN sales person....MORE
RayMedi - TrueStore B2B - SaaS  RayMedi - TrueStore B2B - SaaS
 Download Brochure TrueStore enables a wholesaler to reach out his customers (retailer) through the web by means of an online portal. With this tool a wholesaler can effortlessly have a we...MORE
RayMedi - TrueStore B2C - SaaS  RayMedi - TrueStore B2C - SaaS
 Download Brochure TrueStore enables a retailer to reach out his customer through the web by means of an online B2C portal. With this tool a retailer can effortlessly have a web presence a...MORE
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