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Distribution Billing application with Palmtec Plutonia

Major activities of a distribution network includes transfer of stock to distribution vans, Field Billing after assessing the available stock at retailer premises, administering various promotional schemes and its implementation, Monitoring of payments by retailer, tracking of damaged items, processing of advance orders booked by retailers, tracking of residual stock in distribution van and posting and generation of various MIS reports for efficient administration. Some distribution network employs a strategy of order collection by sales staff and delivery/execution of the collected order by delivery boys. With the introduction of VAT, sales staff finds it very difficult in preparing bills. Palmtec Plutonia plays an important role for distributor as a single window solution in the field.

  • Palmtec Plutonia is an ideal companion for your delivery sales vans for activities like Spot Billing, Payment Collection, Order Booking, Sales Returns and transferring information to your Back-end software application package without data entry are the basic operations that can be done smoothly and effectively using Palmtec Plutonia.
  • The Distribution billing machine allows us to create different Categories, units of measurements and can create the stock in which we have the fields like Item code, Com code, Comm. name, Unit, Purchase rate, four slabs of rates, opening of stock, Vat tax, Minimum stock quantity, Cash discount, Cash Discount, Trade discount, Category and option to enable the Rate edit.
  • We can also define the route details along with the Palmtec ID.
  • Even we can make creditors too and to store details of the creditors like Customer code, Customer name, address, Tin number; define the rate type, route code, balance, credit limit, and phone number. While creating a Purchase order we can enter details required to make the PO and then can be tracked.
  • We even have Hot keys which allows making short cut keys.
  • We can also define the supplier's details like Supplier's TIN number, CST, Supplier's Name address and date along with the banks details for the credit billing option.
  • Even have the option to define 6 more price slabs for each and every item.
  • We also have flexibility to create schemes like Combination scheme and individual scheme.
  • Expenses field lets us to make note of all the expenses done.
  • Over all discounts gives the discount on all the items.
  • The other major aspects of the application is the REPORTS. The reporting is beneficial in making a perfect track of the whole business, some of them are Consolidated report, Audit report, Sales report, Palmtec wise stock report, view complete report, duplicate report and operator daily sales report.

In Distributions we using Palmtec Plutonia

Palmtec Plutonia

Palmtec Plutonia
is a Handheld Portable Micro Computer with in-built Printer & PC interface.It is very rugged, light weight with about 550 Grams and suitable for the rough environments.It consists of a 30 key keypad, Graphic LCD, In Built Dot Matrix Printer, Higher End 32 bit Microcontroller, USB interface and runs on Rechargable Battery


Details Palmtec – Plutonia
Processor ARM Cortex-M3
Date/Time Battery Backed Real Time Clock.
Security Multi-level Password Protection
Battery Li-Ion, rechargeable battery
Recharging Time Approx. 3 hours
Power Lasting About 16000 Lines
Battery Life Approx. 500 charge-recharge cycles
Charger Portable, compact AC adaptor
Display 128 * 64 Graphical LCD with backlight.
Keyboard 30 Key, Alphanumeric, Tactile.
Interface USB Slave Port Standard
IR (Infra-Red) / RF / GPRS optional.
Program Memory 512 KB Flash
Data Memory 2 / 4 / 8 MB (Expandable up to 2 GB)
Size Approx. 21 x 4 x 7.5 cm
Weight 550grams
Body Moulded ABS / PC body.
Printer 24 Column Impact Printer
Paper Width 57 mm width (24 characters in a line)
Paper Loading Semi Automatic
Optionals PS2 / Bluetooth / Biometric/ Barcode


A standard application software is available onboard.Machine can be programmed and download to flash memory and upgrade the unit with newer applications

In the Box

  • Palmtec Machine
  • USB Cable
  • AC Charger
  • Carry Bag
  • User Guide
  • Software CD

Enhancements Possible on the standard model
  • Code Reader : CCD or Laser Bar Code Reader can be attached
  • Smart Card Reader : Can be attached
  • 80 Col. DMP : Can be interfaced for taking large printouts
  • External Modem : Can be connected to send & receive data
  • GSM Modem : Connectivity can be provided
  • Built-in Modem : Can be provided
  • SMS facility : Can be provided
You can also interface Palmtec with devices like CNC machines, Electronic Weighing machine, Alcometer etc.


  • GPRS

Areas of Applications
  • Field Collection / Loan Recovery for Banks, NBFCs & Insurance Companies.
  • Courier Services Data Entry and Processing.
  • Issuing of Parking /Toll Booth Coupons.
  • KOT Processing.
  • Billing in Small Shops / Restaurant / Fuel Billing.
  • Billing in Delivery Sales Van, Payment Collection/ Order Processing in Distribution Network.
  • Meter Reading and Spot Billing for Electricity & Water Supply Companies.
  • Billing & Order Processing in Food Outlets.
  • Property Tax Collection.
  • Spot billing in Petrol Pumps.
  • Automation of raw material collection centres.
  • Survey, Census & Data collection works.
  • Ticketing in Govt.Transport Corporation Buses & Private Buses.
  • Ticketing in Zoo / Museum / Parks, Parking Lots.

  • Sophisticated environments like AC room, Computer furniture &qualified operator also are not required.
  • Virus threat is also ruled out. Since Palmtec is programmed for specific applications, there is no chance for misuses.
  • Though the operation is simple for laymen, security is ensured by data encryption and multi-level password protections.
  • Palmtec can be used in places where keeping (or carrying) a set of PC + Printer + UPS is impossible

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