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For any organization the speed, reliability and efficiency of production operations matter the most. With us, your business gets everything is real-time and updated on a daily basis, instead of waiting for a report to come in. It takes minutes instead of hours of pain, people and paper. We give a solution for your organization - Stagirus offers cost-effective Cloud Computing solutions for Asset Optimization and MRO Inventory Tracking.

Only Stagirus because

Its Cost Effective, Only Stagirus can be the complete solution for your hardware and software management, User Friendly, Easy to implement, Asset Centric Suite, Real-time mobile - Complete solution for your mobile and RFID, Plug & Play SOA, Free Support and Software Upgrades.

Benefits to Our Customers

  • Improved equipment uptime and production
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Field workforce efficiency
  • MRO inventory optimization
  • Lower risk and liability

Asset Tracking

  • Build and maintain a web based asset registry
  • Keep track of suppliers and equipment warranty
  • Keep track of every asset location and ownership
  • Quickly scan and report using barcoding (RFID) and mobile apps
  • Search or report the asset details and history
  • Improved information access and decision-making
  • Improved utilization
  • Lower loss of equipment

Asset Maintenance

  • Implement a Web based user-friendly maintenance management system
  • Implement preventive maintenance schedules using intuitive visual calendar
  • Implement work order management program
  • Implement RFID and real-time mobile solutions
  • Implement reporting and analytics solution
  • Improved information access and decision-making
  • Reduction of maintenance cost
  • Improved return on assets and equipment life
Work Management

  • Track every work request using user-friendly work order system
  • Schedule work hourly, daily or weekly using intuitive visual scheduler
  • Automate field operations using real-time mobile solutions
  • Improved maintenance efficiency
  • Reduction of maintenance cost
  • Reduced time to repair equipment
Asset Optimization

  • Simply don't react, be proactive!
  • Implement predictive and condition based maintenance programs
  • Implement visual inspection, asset integrity and risk management programs
  • Automate field operations using real-time mobile & RFID solutions
  • Track equipment issues, prioritize and timely resolve them
  • Automate MRO inventory tracking and optimization solutions
  • Implement and track key performance metrics
  • Improved asset performance (uptime)
  • Dramatic reduction of maintenance cost
  • Improved safety, compliance and employee morale

Field Operations

  • Real-time mobile technology is revolutionizing field operations
  • Implement comprehensive mobile asset management solutions
  • Enable real-time connectivity with back-office applications
  • Replace paper, clipboards and standalone handheld/point solutions
  • Implement robust barcode (RFID) tags coupled with mobile solutions
  • High productivity of field workforce
  • Improved asset uptime
  • Improved decision-making at the point of activity

MRO Inventory

  • Automate inventory tracking and decision-making
  • Implement barcode (RFID) tags coupled with mobile solutions
  • Implement warehouse bin level tracking
  • Integrate parts tracking with work order management
  • Reduce stock-outs and expensive equipment downtime
  • Improve inventory visibility
  • Improve the productivity of warehouse personnel
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